Sustainability of the recorded music market in Spain

WEDNESDAY 25 OCT. 16:15 - 17:15

The digital market in our country has long been experiencing over 20% growth thanks to the streaming. However, a big slice of this growth has been based on the business model that’s financed by advertising, which in Spain means a wider part of the market as compared to nearby countries. Guided by leading experts, we will analyze, among other issues, the short and long term consequences, the impact of the latest reached agreements, and the consequences that the so-called "value gap" has for authors, artists and producers. We will also pay attention to the changes that have meant the current predominance of the digital market in areas such as promotion or investment in new talent.


Verónica Casas
General director and partner
Blanco y Negro Music
Marcelino Moraleda
Director Digital Sales ES / PT
Sony Music
Íñigo Palao
Business Unit Director


Carlos García Doval
Planification and Development Director