Thursday October 26th

BEC! Bilbao – 2nd Floor

Bime Pro

After the successful participation of the last edition, the independent seal convention UFi-Con returns to BIME for the third time, curated by UFi, with a programming of panels of debates, workshops and keynotes in which outstanding representatives coming from different spheres of the music industry will share their experiences and points of view on the latest innovations of the sector.

Internationalization, access to radios, video management tools and the status of the independent sector will be under the spotlight at the UFi-Con on this occasion, taking place on Thursday, October 26 in the Press Room. The activities, framed within the parallel activities, are open to all delegates at BIME Pro.

10:45-11:25 Workshop: Strategies for internationalization

Internationalization is in independent labels’ DNA, and it’s usually the third phase they take into account, after having settled down as a solid company in the local market. Spanish music can actually have place in other markets, but, to get there, there’s a need to properly think strategies, elaborate a correct Internationalization Plan, optimize attendance to professional fairs and conferences and other events beyond our borders, and get to know the different help that some entities and Administrations usually provide.

María Ibañez
Adriana Padilla
Director Industrias Creativas y Culturales
Cámara de comercio de Bogotá

11:30-12:25 Workshop: Make the most of your Youtube Channel

Most labels and artists have a YouTube channel. However, only a few know how to make the most of it. Good branding and regular activity can make your channel much more popular and easier to discover, as well as to engage your audience. It’s also necessary to manage metadata and a few tools such as ContentID in order to manage the monetization of contents. In this workshop we’ll help you understand them, and you’ll also learn how to apply specific strategies so that your music becomes successful in YouTube.

Miguel Martorell

12:30-13:25 Panel: Streaming didn’t kill the radio star

Even if the music consumption has raised in digital platforms, nothing can surpass immediate diffusion and the range the radio can cover, and that’s why many labels and artist winder what to do to be played in radios, where to present their music and whether to hire a radio promoter or not. Program directors, pluggers and labels will tell us their vision on how to get your music playing in the top radio programs as they debate the impact that being played in radios has in sales and social media, and vice versa, the role of digital channels to propel your presence in radios.

Hugo Hernández
ibon Fernández
Julio Ruíz
Radio 3, Disco Grande

Luis F. Sanz
Sonido Muchacho

13:30-14:15 Presentation: Radiograph of the independent music industry

Independent music is fit. The sector has learnt to adapt to new consumption habits and to join the constant technological changes of this globalized industry. We will exclusively present at BIME Pro 2017 insights and key data extracted from UFi Report about the independent sector in Spain, as well as from the WINTEL Report for the independents in the rest of the world.

Noemí Planas
Mark Kitcatt
Henriette Heimdal
Coordinadora de Socios y Desarrollo Territorial

14:30-15:30  Meet the independents (INVITATION ONLY)

UFiI invites you to meet its members and teams so that you can discover their work while we enjoy a cocktail. Only with an invitation.