The key for every doubt

How can I access BIME?

In order to access BIME Pro, you will first need to get your ticket through the registration page. Then you'll receive an e-mail inviting you to our networking platform. You have to activate your account in order to enter the event. Once in the venue, when the day comes, you'll get your accreditation pass in exchange for your ticket at the desk of accreditations; and then you'll be able to enter the conferences.



Does the conference allow me get into the festival?

No. If you've bought the Pro Pass, you'll only have the right to enter the conferences. In case you also want to get into BIME Live festival, you need to get a Pro+Live pass, which includes both the professional conference and the live music festival at a reduced deal.



How can I showcase my band?

Normally many associations and cultural exportation offices with whom we collaborate can also get you in touch with us in order to set up a band showcase at BIME Pro or BIME City. It's already late for BIME Pro 2017, but you could contact your regional or national exportation office for BIME Pro 2018.


How can I present my company or business?

If you're looking for your business to achieve visibility at BIME, either as a sponsor, with a stand, contents, or with advertisements, you should take a look at the Marketing dossier. There you'll find the wide range of possibilities we offer in order to promote your company. Get in touch with us and we'll find the best way of finding the visibility you want.


How can I get in touch with other professionals at BIME Pro?
BIME is the meeting point for professionals coming from music and creative industries. We want you to feel satisfied with the experience. That's why we offer such a productive Networking platform that will make things easier for you. There you can find a whole list with all the professionals coming to the event, where you'll even be able to segment among sectors, positions, or companies. The platform includes an internal messaging system so that you can contact them and organize your own meetings schedule. The service will be available from August and on, in order you to be able to contact other professionals during the months before the event, and it will remain open until later, expanding in this way the BIME experience beyond the three days of the conference. 

How can I get into the speed-meetings?

In addition to meeting other attendees, you'll also have the chance of joining the speed-meetings we organize with senior officials and representatives coming from high level cutting-edge companies from across the globe. You'll be able to enroll to these meetings when the call is open, in September.

Can I access all this information in my phone?

Of course! You don't need to take your laptop with you: all the networking services at BIME Pro will be able both in mobile web browsers and in our exclusive mobile app, soon available on iOS and Android. You'll be able to carry out in your smartphone all the actions you could in the desktop version of the platform, making easier in this way the contact with other professionals.


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