Bizkaia International Music Experience




19-23 November

Concerts, lectures, round tables, debates, conventions, presentations, exhibition, training, technology, fashion, trends, communication, marketing, networking, industry

BEC! (Baracaldo)

Rekalde Music Hall (Bilbao)


Biscay International Music Experience is an international meeting of professionals working in music sectors, a space to exchange ideas and seek to create new business. There will also be time for reflection on the music industry and its relationship with surrounding areas, creating cross-cutting and enriching dynamics and subjects.

Important people from all areas will take part: people from the Spanish and international recording industry, music producers and promoters, groups and companies from the communication and media field, marketing, technology, video games, leisure , fashion or trends. The event will take place from 19 to 23 November at the BEC! (Bilbao Exhibition Centre, in Baracaldo) in Rekalde’s Music Hall in Bilbao as well as in other spaces from Biscay that will be announced soon.


BIME aims to connect ideas, people and innovative proposals and generate an appropriate setting for the creation of new partnerships and business opportunities and developments surrounding music industry. The goal is business development, exchange of knowledge and experience, creation and renewal of the music sector. BIME will also combine the interests of professionals attending the meeting and the interests of the public, to which will be aimed many of its activities. Besides, another space will bring the public into direct contact with professionals and with the latest developments of the business present in BIME.

Despite its international status, BIME will take special care in supporting the development of the industry from Biscay and the Basque Country.


BIME will host for five days:

-Presentations of books, music and festivals

-Lectures, discussions and roundtables

-Meeting rooms available for professionals attending meeting sessions and speed meeting sessions.

-Conferences and conventions from companies or groups of the music sector

-Presence of the leading companies in the field of new technologies and videogames

-Presence of professionals of the Media and Marketing field.

-Musical performances and showcases. On the 22nd and 23rd of November BEC will host 50 first class artists and DJs divided into five stages. The subject of one of the stages will focus on the Basque Country so that we can introduce our artists to all international agents. Another of the stages will be for a guest country and the other three will be mixed.


Tickets and credentials will be on sale in the coming weeks. Some of the activities are exclusively aimed at industry professionals and others are also open to the general public.

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